Community Infrastructure Projects

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School Infrastructure Development Project

This project was launched at Saraswati Shishu Vidya Mandir School, Pantnagar in September, 2014 supplementing the Swach Vidyalaya Abhiyaan of Government of India. The aim of the project is to construct separate toilet for girls in School to reduce their dropout in the age of puberty and provide access to potable drinking water to the children to protect them from water borne diseases.

A need assessment exercise was conducted by the CSR team of Pantnagar to identify the requirements of the school following many cases of girls dropping out- the reason behind this was the absence of separate sanitation facilities for the girls in the School. To address this issue, a sanitation complex was constructed by MCL – Pantnagar consisting 4 urinals for girls, 4 for boys and 2 bathrooms with potable drinking water facility. These facilities were dedicated to Saraswati Shishu Vidya Mandir by Mrs. Sarika Minda.

Solarized Vocational Training Center and Panchayat Hall

  • A 6KVA Solar Panel is installed in the new premises of Aakarshan Vocational Training Center, Greater Noida, U.P.
  • We feel proud to announce that our Aakarshan center of GN, Pune and Chennai are totally solar operated.

Plan 2017-2018 (H2)

  1. Solar Project in Pune
  2. Toilet Project in Pune
  3. School Infra project in PN

In 15-16 and 16-17

solarized-vocational-training-center-and-panchayat-hall-img2-csrSolar Panel Installed at Govt School, Pune on FY 15-16

solarized-vocational-training-center-and-panchayat-hall-img3-csrSolar Panel at Aakarshan Pune in FY 16-17

solarized-vocational-training-center-and-panchayat-hall-img4-csrSolar Panel at Aakarshan Chennai in FY 16-17

Toilet Construction Project

  • Supplementing to the Swach Bahrat Abhiyaan
  • Separate units of Toilet was constructed for Boys and Girls


toilet-construction-project-2014-2015-img1-csrToilet at Govt. School of Pantnagar


toilet-construction-project-2015-2016-img1-csrRest Room for Women at Chakan Pune


toilet-construction-project-2016-2017-img1-csrToilet at Govt. School of Pantnagar


toilet-construction-project-2016-2017-img2-csr2 units of Toilet at Govt. School of Pune

Inauguration of Safe Drinking Water Facility

  • Inauguration of RO Plant at Vegandu Govt. School, Chennai was done on 16th Sep 2017. benefitting approx. 100 students.

In 2016

inauguration-of-safe-drinking-water-facility-2016-img1-csr2 units of RO Plant at Govt. school of Pune

inauguration-of-safe-drinking-water-facility-2016-img2-csrRO Plant at govt. school of Pantnagar

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