Group CSR Committee & Team

Group CSR Committee Members’ View

Mrs. Sarika Minda

“We at Spark Minda, Ashok Minda Group are involved in community development work since decades. We had set some targets in the beginning of the financial year for starting some new community development initiatives and could achieve most of them. Achievement of those targets will not only accomplish our aspirations but will also impact the lives of the people. We are prepared and committed for the projects in pipeline. Ensuring sustainability is the key to their projects.”

Mr. NK Taneja
“Corporate Social Responsibility is a value driven business integrated function at the Group. We have tried to touch Northern, Western and Southern corner of India in the rural bends. Quantitatively the numbers may not be very high but qualitatively the impact is remarkable. We have started quite a few community development projects recently but we have a long way to go. We are striving to be a catalyst for betterment.”
Mr. MK Pajan
“We are able to touch many lives through our Community Development Programs. We are in the process to scale up and replicate the successful models. We are also doing various innovative value additions in the existing programs to make them more impactful. Like minded partnerships will make these models self sustainable.”
Mr. Lalitendu Samanta
“At Spark Minda, Ashok Minda Group, we believe that People are most import asset of the Company. As a Group Philosophy, we are concerned for the welfare and well being of the people both directly and indirectly associated with us. We equally care for the people in our surrounding areas and strive to convert them as a good human resources.”
Mr. Ashim Vohra
“Like any other domain of the Group, we are incorporating value additions in our CSR projects to achieve excellence. We regularly identify opportunity for improving Environment, Energy Conservation, Waste Reduction & Community Care, in our businesses & keep conducting regular assessments of the same, for effective implementation of initiatives & find more areas, to take care of our mother earth.”
Mr. Sanjeev Saxena
“The Group CSR projects are assessed in the form of social and environmental return on investment.
From this activity, the quantitative and qualitative targets for community and business sustainability projects are adequately defined. Thereafter, the progress of the projects is continuously monitored/ reviewed to provide support to the operating teams, and to drive the project completion within time and budgetary limits. This way we are able to ensure that the CSR effort of the Group largely delivers on what is initially envisaged.”
Mr. Ajay Sancheti
“We look at CSR function beyond compliances at Spark Minda, Ashok Minda Group. The objective is to benefit the needy people at large and not only to meet the legal requirements.”
Mr. Anil Batra
“CSR helps an organization to create distinctive and appealing image with its stakeholder groups, supports in building a strong corporate brand, and develop reputation capital by monitoring sentiment and to achieve those ends, all forms of communication must be orchestrated into a coherent whole.”
Mr. Amit Jalan
“Panchayat is always a stakeholder in our Community Development Projects. We implement our projects in participatory manner and key persons of the villages are always helpful.”
Mr. Praveen Karn

“The Group has ably demonstrated that a company can function profitably and sustainable and simultaneously has a positive impact on the Community and Environment. With a mission to provide access of education to less privileged section of society; empower the youth through providing skill set and make them employable, facilitate healthcare services to people for their basic survival; provide access of minimum infrastructure facility to the society; protect environment and resources for sustainable future and uplift the persons with disability to sustain in life with dignity, we are committed to bring a better tomorrow.”

Meet The Team
Group Corporate CSR Team

Team Maharashtra

Mr. Nilesh Pawale, Trainer-Computer;
Mr. Abhijit Bhalerao, Executive CSR;
Ms. Manjushree Bhagwat, Trainer-Beauty Culture (L to R).

Team Uttarakhand

Ms. Savita Devi, Trainer-Cutting & Tailoring;
Mr. Raju Kumar Singh, Coordinator & Trainer- Aakarshan I.
Mr. Gaurav Mahtolia, Coordinator & Trainer Computer;
Ms. Meenakshi Bora, Trainer- Spoken English (L to R)

Team Greater Noida

Ms. Ruby Kacchap, Trainer-Spoken English;
Ms. Shraddha, Trainer- Cutting and Tailoring;
Mr. Hirendra Shrivastava, Executive CSR;
Mr. Bablu (Office Boy)

Team Tamilnadu

Ms. P.Karthika, Trainer-Spoken English;
Ms. Tamil Selvi, Trainer-Cutting Tailoring;
Mr. A Balakrishnan, Coordinator and Trainer Computer (L to R)