Group CSR Committee & Team

Group CSR Committee Members’ View

Mrs. Sarika Minda

“We at Spark Minda, Ashok Minda Group are involved in community development work since decades. We had set some targets in the beginning of the financial year for starting some new community development initiatives and could achieve most of them. Achievement of those targets will not only accomplish our aspirations but will also impact the lives of the people. We are prepared and committed for the projects in pipeline. Ensuring sustainability is the key to their projects.”

Mr. NK Taneja
“CSR helps an organization to create distinctive and appealing image with its stakeholder groups, supports in building a strong corporate brand, and develop reputation capital by monitoring sentiment. Communities where we operate has developed a positive feeling for us, with our initiatives which we have taken for them. This has made our brand name popular not only among our competitors but also media, other organizations, most our direct customers and other stakeholders.”
Mr. MK Pajan
“Addressing environmental problems such as climate change is a pressing issue for the global community. Spark Minda, Ashok Minda Group established Vision 2020, in which there are many long-term environmental plans, some of them aim to save electricity by 30% and paper saving by 20%, through adopting various measures and by switching to renewable sources of energy is mentioned. This awareness lies behind our commitment to raise corporate value by both creating environmental value and enhancing business value. By sharing our knowledge with customers and suppliers, our initiatives and efforts expand beyond the walls of our company, and have a much greater effect in reducing environmental impact. We aim to achieve business growth and contribute to the environment by expanding our activities.”
Mr. Lalitendu Samanta
“Our CSR gives a chance to all the employees to contribute towards the society, environment, country and so on. We all live for ourselves but trust me living for others and doing something for them is a different feeling altogether. Bringing a smile to people’s life just because your organization has guaranteed job opportunities for women of industrial Tailoring centre not only gives a sense of inner satisfaction but also pride and contentment. At Spark Minda, Ashok Minda Group, we are focusing to impart CSR in the DNA of the employees through human sentiments and emotions, in the time where people growing more and they are self-centred.”
Mr. Ashim Vohra
“Give a hungry man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” In Spark Minda, Ashok Minda Group we believe in this famous proverb and therefore we have designed all our community based program accordingly. It is more beneficial and important to teach someone a specific skill, which will help them getting employed, over just handing them a temporary solution to a problem.”
Mr. Sanjeev Saxena
” I firmly believe, CSR is an enabling force for social advancement. Our longstanding CSR model of inclusive growth has already positively affected communities in different parts of the country. Wide ranging community initiatives, from vocational training programs that empower local residents for skilled industrial and service jobs, to community-based health interventions, our CSR initiatives have improved the physical, social, and economic well-being of over thousands lives.”
Mr. Ajay Sancheti
“At Spark Minda, Ashok Minda Group, the main thrust and spirit of law is not to monitor but to generate conductive environment for enabling the corporate to conduct themselves in the responsible manner. The CSR legislation is not to generate financial resources but to focus on social and human development. The objective of our program is to involve the corporate in discharging their social responsibility with their innovative ideas and management skills with greater efficiency and better outcomes. We believe in doing CSR beyond Compliances.”
Mr. Praveen Karn

“The Group has ably demonstrated that a company can function profitably and sustainable and simultaneously has a positive impact on the Community and Environment. With a mission to provide access of education to less privileged section of society; empower the youth through providing skill set and make them employable, facilitate healthcare services to people for their basic survival; provide access of minimum infrastructure facility to the society; protect environment and resources for sustainable future and uplift the persons with disability to sustain in life with dignity, we are committed to bring a better tomorrow.”

Meet The Team
Group Corporate CSR Team

Team Maharashtra

Mr. Nilesh Pawale, Trainer-Computer;
Mr. Abhijit Bhalerao, Executive CSR;
Ms. Manjushree Bhagwat, Trainer-Beauty Culture (L to R).

Team Uttarakhand

Ms. Savita Devi, Trainer-Cutting & Tailoring;
Mr. Raju Kumar Singh, Coordinator & Trainer- Aakarshan I.
Mr. Gaurav Mahtolia, Coordinator & Trainer Computer;
Ms. Meenakshi Bora, Trainer- Spoken English (L to R)

Team Greater Noida

Ms. Ruby Kacchap, Trainer-Spoken English;
Ms. Shraddha, Trainer- Cutting and Tailoring;
Mr. Hirendra Shrivastava, Executive CSR;
Mr. Bablu (Office Boy)

Team Tamilnadu

Ms. P.Karthika, Trainer-Spoken English;
Ms. Tamil Selvi, Trainer-Cutting Tailoring;
Mr. A Balakrishnan, Coordinator and Trainer Computer (L to R)

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