Education & Livelihood Programmes

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Aakarshan-Vocational Skill Development Program

Under Education and Livelihood verticals, Spark Minda has been running a Vocational Training Program named “Aakarshan”. Aakarshan- Vocational Skill Development Program Providing access to Education to the Children in rural area is a nationwide identified need. As we know, Education creates the foundation, Livelihood sustains, Health Cares and Empowering women uplifts the society. But the bitter truth is a bigger chunk of the society is still deprived of such facilities in our country.

Therefore, supplementing to the Skill India Mission of Government of India, Spark Minda, Ashok Minda Group established “AAKARSHAN- Vocational Training Center”.

These Vocational training centers cater Education and Livelihood Training to the less privileged section of the society. This Program is mainly designed for Children, Youth & Women who have desire to learn and earn but are unable to do so because of lack of resources and accessibility.

Till date 1168 learners have completed this training successfully.

AAKARSHAN word was conceived by Group CSR committee with a philosophy to have a center in a rural set up, which attracts villagers, where they can come and learn practical knowledge to get employment. AAKARSHAN Vocational Training Program was based on the need assessment conducted at local area. This Program was started in collaboration with the Gram Panchayat in the Panchayat Hall. With its tremendous success in Uttar Pradesh, later this collaborative model was replicated in Uttarakhand, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu.

Under AAKARSHAN Vocational Programme, Training over Basic and Advanced Computer, Spoken English, Beauty Culture and Cutting Tailoring is imparted to the Children, Youth and Women of villages at various location in India. In the 6-month curriculum, other than the trade, skills & practical based learning, learners are also trained on Behavioral and life skills aspects.

There are seven Behavioral Modules on which students are trained, which include: Self Introduction, Phone and Email Etiquettes, 5S Training, Personal Hygiene, First Aid and Safety. The main aim of these modules is to overall groom the learners and help them to gain the confidence and mainstream themselves.

Aakarshan Training Centers are also supported by our nearby business units of respective locations. Accordingly, the target audience for this Program belong to the nearby area of the factory. Today, there are 5 Aakarshan centers in 4 States of India covering 5 trades under which trainings are Imparted. Aakarshan Vocational Training Program is Supplementing towads meeting the skills needs of Country.

In FY 15-16, 795 students graduated from Aakarshan Centers from India. Whereas, till date Aakarshan has benefitted 1168 people.




Aakarshan Vocational Trainer Center, India :