Energy Conservation

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Energy Conservation and Alternative Energy

Spark Minda is focused on undertaking operational measures and initiatives that help in improving enterprise-wide environmental sustainability. Eco-awareness and responsible use of energy resources are not just a part of its sustainability strategy but a fundamental operational pre requisite.

Spark Minda promotes green initiatives through regular monitoring on electricity consumption and electricity saving. In some of our units, we successfully implemented electronic room sensors, which will switch off lights & AC automatically, when persons are not in room. Usage of transparent roof sheets and reflective light model at our units allow sun light to come to shop floor saving electricity consumed for lights during day time and we are also promoting more usage of alternative fuels & renewable energy like solar lighting in our plant/unit areas, water heating in our processes.

We also believe that green energy is not generated but conserved. The more we conserve energy, the more we save for the future.

Spark Minda has recently introduced a Solar Power System with hybrid system for office area of MCL-DCD Greater Noida plant in June 2014 with specification of 6 KVA, 180 AH, 96 V battery. The expected saving from this installation will be 14,000 units per year (40 units per day).The Group is proud to announce that office of said premise is completely solar operated.MCL Pune has also installed Solar Power System. Initially it is installed on trial basis only at office premises.

Other Units to install Solar Panels for Solar Power Generation Includes MCL DCD Pune, MSIL and MCL Noida.

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