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Women Empowerment through Menstrual Hygiene

Spark Minda is directing its efforts to mobilize female community of Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra towards a system of menstrual sustainability i.e. awareness generation, accessibility and promoting safe menstrual management. The prime objective is to make them aware that access to safe and secure sanitation is one the key human rights, which people have yet to achieve along with right to live with respect and dignity.

This multi-stakeholder programme is scheduled in two phases. In First Phase women and adolescent are trained on Biological aspect of Menstruation, Taboos’ & Myths associated with it, Hygiene and are also introduced to various products available in the market. Whereas, in Second Phase which is planned in the gap of 2-3months, same lot of women and adolescents are trained on how to make their own sanitary napkins to ensure sustainability and livelihood generation.

Approximately 1400 women have enthusiastically attended this session till date.

The Survey partner for the Programme is Global Hunt Foundation and Training partner is Jatan Sansthan and Unicharm.

Family Planning and Reproductive Health Program

The focus of the Program is to create awareness about “Happy and Healthy Family”, also the concept “pregnancy should be by choice and not by chance” was enforced upon during the training.

The main objectives of the Program:

  • To create awareness of modern family planning methods amongst the men and women.
  • To ensure accurate and consistent messages on Family Planning.
  • To identify and help overcome specific barriers and myths to adapt to Family Planning methods.
  • To help the community understand the benefits of family planning regarding mother and child health, women empowerment, social and economic development of the country, reduction in mortality and morbidity and importance of a small and healthy family.
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Pathfinder International India is the Technical partner for this program. Till date a total of 850 participants attended the training program at 4 locations of Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra.

SMF commitment to benefit 3000 women through Menstrual Hygiene, Family Planning & Reproductive Health by 2020 is now registered at United Nations (UN).

EYE Health Program

Eye Health Care plays a vital role in reaching the untreated poor people in rural areas. The village people are found to utilize less eye care services than the people in cities and the main reason is accessibility and affordability of the service. This is why it becomes very important to make them aware about the importance of medical care of their eyes. These days there are a lot people who are suffering from eye disorders such as cataracts, poor vision, glaucoma night blindness etc.

Spark Minda Foundation organizes Eye Checkup camp with the help of partner organization Help Age India, so that eye care services can be provided at nearby villages of 4 states (Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra) where people with refractive error are benefitted with free spectacles, medicines, eye drops and referrals to impaled hospitals for cataract treatment.

In the financial year 17-18, 3386 people have been benefitted whereas, 5281 people have been benefitted through this intervention

Health Checkup Drives

Spark Minda, Ashok Minda Group organizes different types of Heath Camps in the villages nearby the factories. On the basis of the analysis and findings of the medical team, subsequent specialized camps are organized in the said villages. The Health Camp provides the following health Check- ups services:

  • General Health Check-up Camps
  • BMI camp
  • Dental Camp
  • Gynecology Camp
  • Hepatitis- C & B Camp
  • Diabetes Check-up Camps

Till date, 49,994 people have been benefitted with the Health Camps organized in states of Maharashtra, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

*(Data till 12th September 2018)

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