Health Programmes

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Women Empowerment through Menstrual Hygiene

Spark Minda is directing its efforts to mobilize female community of Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra towards a system of menstrual sustainability i.e. awareness generation, accessibility and promoting safe menstrual management. The prime objective is to make them aware that access to safe and secure sanitation is one the key human rights, which people have yet to achieve along with right to live with respect and dignity.

This multi-stakeholder programme is scheduled in two phases. In First Phase women and adolescent are trained on Biological aspect of Menstruation, Taboos’ & Myths associated with it, Hygiene and are also introduced to various products available in the market. Whereas in Second Phase which is planned in the gap of 2-3months, same lot of women and adolescents are trained on how to make their own sanitary napkins to ensure sustainability. Approximately 800 Women enthusiastically attended the session.

The 2nd Phase of the Programme was successfully conducted at Greater Noida on March 2016. Whereas, Ist phase was completed at Pantnagar, Pune and Chennai. The Second phase of the project is scheduled for october.

Approx 500 Women enthusiastically attended the session, where they were trained on:- Biological aspect of Menstruation, Taboos’ associated with it, Hygiene and were also introduced to Various products available in the market.

The Survey partner for the Programme is Global Hunt Foundation and Training partner is Jatan Sansthan and Unicharm.

Family Planning and Reproductive Health Program

The main objective of this program is to ensure improved Health status of women and children. Technical Partner – Pathfinder International India. Completed in Greater Noida, Pune, Pant Nagar and Chennai. Total people benefitted – 447 women and 207 men (654 people). SMF commitment to benefit 3000 women through Menstrual Hygiene awareness, Family Planning & Reproductive Health by 2020 is now registered at United Nations (UN).

One of the health project initiated for the girls of North-Eastern part of India has been improvising their health status since August 2014. 69 Girls, most of them are orphans and belonging to poor sections of society are being taken care of under this project. These girls residing in Vanvaasi Kanya Chatravaas, Jagatpura, Rudrapur, Uttrakhand were mainly affected with Tuberculosis. It was done in collaboration with Vanvaasi Kanya Chatravaas Samiti, Rudrapur.

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Eye Check - Up Camp

The camp was conducted in collaboration with HelpAge India

Duration :- 2 day Camp at each location of Chennai, Greater Noida, Pantnagar & Pune in March 2017


  • 2435 people attended
  • 1226 people benefitted with spectacles
  • 1109 people benefitted with medicines
  • 100 Referral

Plan 2017-2018

Benefiting 3000 people in 17-18 and 9000 by 2020


General Medical Checkup Camps

  • Medical Camp in villages like Donde, Kuleshra, Transit camps, Vegadu etc
  • Specialized Camp like Eye checkup, Gynae, General, Dental etc
  • Referral Services
  • Number of Beneficiary –46426 People through the health checkup and awareness programs

*(Data till 31st March 2017)

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