Social Awareness Campaign

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AIDS Awareness Campaign

AIDS Awareness Campaign is done on the occasion of World AIDS Day across all the units. The various highlights of the programme were; Red Ribbon tagging, Skit presentation for AIDS Awareness etc.

Polio Eradication Campaign

Supplementing the Government programme on Polio Eradication, the Group conducting awareness campaigns nearby the manufacturing locations in collaboration with District Government Authorities. A campaign was organised in Chakan area of Maharashtra, where 600 children were benefitted from it.
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Pollution Control Campaign

In periphery of our manufacturing units, Pollution Control Campaigns are organised. Free PUC Checkup is provided to the passing vehicles. Awareness regarding pollution control is also given to the drivers and other community people.

Road Safety Campaign

Road Safety Awareness Campaigns are conducted across all the units for the drivers and other community people. During the awareness drive, they are taught about road safety rules, Regulation, Road Signage’s road accident clips, Importance of seat belt, Compliance under Motor Vehicle Act.
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Cloth Donation Campaign

Spark Minda organises Cloth Donation campaigns in joint collaboration with 92.7 FM and Goonj NGO. ‘People die due to dearth of clothes during winters.’ Based on this philosophy, “Daryadili” is a campaign initiated by 92.7 FM, which has saved many lives, who die due to scarcity of warm clothes. This campaign is dedicated to the people living on streets and slums in Delhi NCR Region.
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