Tree Plantation & Protection

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Tree Plantation

Under this initiative of Spark Minda Foundation, all the units of the Group are dedicating their efforts towards Tree Plantation.

We not only carry out the Plantation drive inside and outside the factory premises, but also ensure the sustenance and maintenance of the trees by creating a sense of responsibility towards their protection. A database is being managed to keep the record for the survival and sustainability of plants. Accordingly, corrective measures are taken.

The group has developed a SOP of Plantation so that the activity takes place in a systematic way at all the levels.

Some of the units like MSL Murbad, MCL Noida, etc., are also opting for green farming and organic farming, where vegetable cultivation is done inside the unit premises. The grown vegetables are then distributed among needful people. We are also promoting organic and sustainable agriculture though vermicompost, using traditional agricultural practices.

The Group have planted 3489 trees in the FY 17-18. Whereas, till date 12860 trees are planted with 90% sustenance.

Paper Saving

The Group also focuses on minimizing and reducing our paper usage in our official work. Electronic and alternative processes are introduced to reduce the consumption of paper in various operations. Some of the examples are :

  • Installed Android OS Based LCD to remove paper drawings from station
  • Restricted paper issuing from store department
  • Implementation of online leave management software
  • Online vendor management
  • Creation of Department wise user ID & Password for printer, i.e. passcode protection in printers for limited printing
  • Paper Less Document Approval System to Boost Up Company’s Document Approval Process

The Group saved approximately 14 lakh papers through these initiatives in FY17-18. Till date equivalent 527 trees have been saved.

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