Waste Management

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Reduce, Recycle & Reuse

With the aim of contributing to the creation of a recycling-oriented society, Spark Minda, Ashok Minda Group conducts a number of 3R initiatives (3R = Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) and now we are aligning ourselves to adopt the 4th R i.e. Refuse.

We know, we cannot stop waste production entirely but everyone can make a significant contribution by adopting 3R practices. In our factories we have also installed waste collection bins at all identified important places for proper waste management. All bins are colour coded according to the specific waste like paper, plastic, cloth, oil & metal. Timely Awareness and training is also given to the staff, so that they are well aware of its implementation. We are also concerned towards minimizing the usage of stationary paper for printing and maximizing reusing of packaging materials.

In FY 17-18, total saving through 3R was 1569 Tons, which was 129% more as compared to last year. Till date, Group has done a total of 2995 tons of waste management.

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