Waste Management

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Reduce, Recycle & Reuse

Disposing of waste in an environment-friendly manner is crucial to every organisation. The industrial waste is managed by collecting, disposing, managing and monitoring the waste materials and we are doing this through, Reduce-Reuse-Recycle (triple ‘R’ Principle).

We have installed waste collection bins at all identified strategic places. All bins are colour coded according to the specific waste like paper, plastic, cloth, oil & metal. Timely awareness and training is also given to the staff so that they are well aware of its implementation. We are also concerned towards minimizing the usage of stationary paper for printing and maximizing reusing of packaging materials.

We also take care of proper disposal of generated waste material in consultation with technical agencies.

Other than the industrial waste, we have recently introduced E-waste disposal system at MCL Pune.

Below is the Vermi Compost making model through Waste Management MSL- Murbad. The Vermi Compost is an ecological method for waste management. This project was started in Jan 15 and the compost made is used for gardening and excess is given to local farmers.

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